Lowenthal Ad Nauseum

Marshall Blesofsky

Jay Beeler crossed the line when he defamed the character of Congressperson Alan Lowenthal. In his editorial in the Jan. 3 Beachcomber. He said that an unnamed gentleman said he had a discussion with congressman Alan Lowenthal about a certain specific problem that could be resolved through federal legislation. But that he can claim Alan said could only be only be resolved after campaign contribution was made.

This is disingenuous and is classic example of libel. I’ve known Congressman Lowenthal for 30 years+. Sometimes I don’t agree with his positions, but I know that he would never do something like that. This editorial should be retracted with an apology.

The idea that all politicians are all corrupt is a fiction foisted by the right to demoralize the voters and get them to lose any faith in democracy. It also sends the message that voting is a sham.


[Editor’s Note: A recent online poll yielded 49% of readers who thought that Lowenthal’s record was poor/failure, 45% rated him good/excellent and 6% average/undecided. The Beachcomber endorses Republican John Briscoe for Congress.]



My personal positive opinion of Alan Lowenthal has already been printed in this paper as an "LTD" (Letter to the Editor) in the Jan. 31 edition. My opinion of the man has not changed, and I was happy to read Marshall Blesofsky's treatment of this subject in the Feb. 28 issue. My main "takeaway" from the Positive/Negative survey of the Congressman's effectiveness is that it appears to me that more Republicans than Democrats are regular readers of this publication.

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