Measure A

I don’t understand why voters would ever approve a tax increase. The mayor and his cronies think they have carte blanc spending authority. Why control salaries, pensions and benefits when you can just increase sales taxes over and over. Garcia needs to go. Now!

Jerry Belsha


It’s time to draw a line in the sand. This city government is out of control and spending our tax dollars like drunken sailors on frivolities and pet projects. Beware of the old bait-and-switch they use to lure you into thinking that Measure A will support the police and fire.

The only way we can fight this drain into City Hall’s black hole is at the ballot box. Vote NO on Measure A and any other propositions/bonds that raise our taxes. Vote for and support candidates such as Robert Fox (2nd District) and Juan Ovalle (8th District) who care about your wellbeing and will work to curtail unnecessary spending.

Your vote does count. Vote no on Measure A.!

Diana Lejins


We as taxpayers don’t trust our council members anymore.

Long Beach paid two or three times the prior sale price for an Atlantic Avenue property and did not check out the existing tenancy (a marijuana lab) and now Long Beach is a landlord for a marijuana business. This property is intended to be a homeless shelter for possible mental impaired or drug using persons. Does it make for Long Beach to be a marijuana landlord? Now the city must pay millions to put a temporary building in the parking lot. Who makes these dumb decisions? And no appraisal?

Rex Richardson wants to charge property owners for a homeless bond while the state has already charged and collected about one billion dollars through SB 2 recording fees and ever-increasing gas taxes.

Taxpayers already subsidized traffic impeding roundabouts while potholes increase. We pay for a literally sinking Queen Mary and an ever-expanding aquarium refinanced by a money-sucking bond. Measure A fliers comment on “open community hospital” and “save ambulances” even though Measure A does neither, nor does it fix local roads. We don’t want any more roundabouts, road diets, parking meters, red curbs and bike lanes. All are killing our local businesses who are fed up and leaving Long Beach.

If measure a is so important, why doesn’t an audit prove its importance? Because the money will not be spent as promised and those that support it want to keep the taxes to get their special overtime and protect their pensions. Long Beach needs to get its financial house in order before ripping off us residents.

Name withheld by request.



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