Measure BBB

The Beachcomber is on the verge of becoming something like the Oliver Stone Conspiracy Gazette. I respect some of their recent investigative reporting and appreciate their work. But there always seems to be people in the community who assume and presume politicians are always up to no good.

If anyone read the recent LB Business Journal, they would have read that the mayor indicated that it was less likely that he would wish a third term and he feels 12 years serving in public office was more than enough public service he has done in the community.

For the record, I did not support Measure BBB.

Russ Doyle


It’s not an assumption or presumption when the specific politicians in question have a track record of this type of behavior. This would not be the first time that this city administration has used advertising funded by taxpayer dollars to try to pass a deceptive, self-serving ballot measure.

Kathryn Colvin


Disingenuously the mayor and his minions play the race card against those of us opposed to Measure BBB by claiming that adding one extra term for the politicians gives people like me (for whom English is not our first language, minorities, immigrants, etc.) a better chance at participating in the electoral process. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Giving the politicians an extra term means we’ll have more incumbents serving a third term, meaning less opportunities for anyone who seeks the privilege of serving our city through elected office to compete against entrenched politicians regardless of race, color, or place of birth. I find their desperate strategy of playing the race card offensive and patronizing.

Carlos Ovalle



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