Measure M

It was clear from the beginning that passing Measure M would either raise utility rates, increase taxes or both. The misuse of fire and police personnel to promote this ill-conceived and deeply flawed measure did a real disservice to taxpayers.

Now that this measure may have violated the law only makes me wonder why taxpayers failed to read the language initially. The idea that city leaders used city funds to promote this measure and deceive taxpayers is not new. The city attorney and even the California Attorney General need to put a stop to this kind of deception and self dealing.

Phillip Shrotman


Those of us in the unincorporated area of L. A. County south of Heartwell Park buy our water from the City of Long Beach, but receive our police and fire service from the County. Enclosed in our last water bill before election day was a colorful flyer from the City of Long Beach with the usual threats of cuts to police, fire, and libraries if Measure M was defeated, preventing the city from siphoning part of our water bills into the general fund. There was even mention of slower paramedic response (translation: vote yes on Measure M or people will die.) But when we went to the polls Tuesday, Measure M was not on our ballot. The measure passed, so now our neighborhood is forced to pay for services we cannot receive without even having had a chance to vote about it. If there is another lawsuit, please count me in.

John Knapp


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