A Message to the Undecided Voters

Lydia A. Hollie

“Every society is perfectly engineered to get the results that it is getting.” At a conference 15 years ago, a presenter stated this quote and I never forgot it...and neither should anyone who remains undecided or may have considered skipping the ballot box altogether. Voters must re-engineer Long Beach to get better results. Your vote for the next mayor will be consequential and historic for the city of Long Beach.

Your vote will prevent this city from entering into its own version of the Dark Ages that is sweeping across this country. Your vote will enable this city to be a beacon of light by restoring the value and honor of public service to City Hall led by a candidate who understands and appreciates what it means to be a servant of the people and not a politician beholden to special interest donors. Your vote will light the path to build a better Long Beach by electing Suzie Price as the mayor of Long Beach.

This election is consequential because it is historic for a number of reasons that have not been typically associated with this mayoral campaign. It is historic because for the first time in more than a decade, Long Beach voters have a genuine opportunity to break the stronghold of status quo-ism, go-along-to-get-along politics, pay-for-play politics, bullying and intimidation politics, and politically ambitious candidates who seek local office solely for the purpose building a political profile to qualify for the next political office beyond Long Beach. Suzie Price will not champion the status quo and has no other desire than to serve the needs of the Long Beach community.

Suzie Price is an exceptional candidate for Mayor of Long Beach because she is a public servant first and foremost. Suzie’s deeply felt compassion for other people is a result of her life story as an immigrant who knows the horrors political oppression, the hardship of family separation, and making hard adjustments with her beloved mother as the sole mental, emotional, and financial source of support. That compassion enabled her to become a highly respected prosecutor who sought justice for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence for 20 years. Public service has been Suzie’s clarion call her entire life.

Secondly, this historic election is consequential because it has revealed the MAGA-esque behavior, Democrat style, that this city has never seen. While the often cited “politics is a bloodless war,” has an element of truth, it severely understates the injurious nature that denigrating words and actions have on the human target. Propaganda, misinformation, and disinformation, tearing down campaign signs, abject disrespect, disdain and contempt for an opponent reveal the most glaring illustration of what to expect in the future if we fail to repudiate what now become the status quo in local political behavior.

You are Suzie’s sole focus and there is no ambition to use the role of mayor as a steppingstone for higher political office. Suzie is committed and dedicated to serve you and this city to the best of her ability. She has surrounded herself with like-minded people and will continue to do so. Suzie will maintain an open-door policy for community access and healthy interaction. She will answer your emails and telephone calls.

Suzie will come to you to learn more about your issues and how she can help to resolve your difficulties. She sees you, is a great listener, and creative problem solver. Suzie wants to see our neighborhoods revitalized and prepared for the 21st century.  She is humble and knows she can do nothing without the people that she is elected to serve. Suzie welcomes and will rely heavily on your input and participation to build a better Long Beach that truly represents our best selves.

Finally, if you are an undecided voter or may have decided not to participate in this election, I ask you to reconsider. Do you not vote and enable the status quo to prevail? Or do you vote and re-engineer the future of this city? Suzie Price will far exceed your expectations and with your help, change the course of political history in Long Beach. She is an authentic servant leader, humble, respectful, smart, and a fearless advocate for the people. Together, voters can transform this polluted political climate into the beacon of light the city of Long Beach is entitled to and deserves. The outcome of this election is in your hands.

Lydia A. Hollie, JD/MAED, is a 42-year registered nonpartisan and co-author of “The State of Black Long Beach: A Call for Black Agenda” (2013)



Can you ask "Suzie" a question for me, an undecided voter? Why did she never speak up about the corrupt actions of the LBPD and the incompetent corrupt COP Luna. She and the rest of the city council never spoke up or held Luna accountable for anything. Now he's running for Sheriff and again not one word about his corrupt incompetence. Her silence tell me she is not being honest so why should we trust that she going to be an honest mayor and speak up. A little to late. LBC is a corrupt organization and her being a DA shows she ok with it. Don't get me wrong the other bought and paid for clown is no better, am still undecided about what corrupt person to vote for. SMH

Agreed! Change is needed and Suzie Price has my vote based on her track record.
Rain or Shine, everyone, please find your polling place and enthusiastically vote for change in this city. DO IT NOW

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