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I read his newsletters in hope to find out what he is really doing as my representative besides being photographed at various events. The newsletters often ask for a question, but rarely do I see tough questions that require tough, reasoned answers. I have written letters and he always “thanks me for contacting him and appreciates hearing from me”; then, most often the response to my concern is “...while I recognize and respect your opposition to fill in the blank ... thank you for taking the time to contact me ... while we disagree on this issue.” He is consistently polite, but there is no indication of his thought process behind his opinion ... sometimes just very old, tired, over-used statements.

I was offended by his hanging the Pride flag outside his office as well as the response by a man who threw the flag to the ground. Is the flag posted outside his door to impress the LGBT community only? Is it to incite problems? Maybe the posting of various city flags from the district from time to time would be an alternate for unity. His Facebook post stated “...the LGBT flag stands for love, understanding and unity,” according to a P-T article by Andrew Edwards.

I attended an event where he was to speak to his constituents. It turned out to be mostly an anti-trump affair and he only, in my opinion, half-heartedly asked for respect of others at the gathering. But the most offensive decision of his was to vote no on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. (letter received from Rep. Lowenthal dated September 27, 2019) As I understood the act it would require that a baby born alive during a failed abortion be immediately transported to a hospital. A baby, who it seems has a right to life! Pro-life or pro-choice is not the issue. It is a baby with a right to live! Did he take the time for reasoned thought on this?

Oh, for a representative to have their own reasoned, thought-out opinions on issues.

Randa Pearson


I feel I must respond to Dr. Vasilomanolakis and Mr. Van der Upwich on their criticisms of our congressman, Alan Lowenthal. Mr. Lowenthal has always responded to my letters. He is not a non-player but an effective congressman. He is a champion of the environment and keeps the majority of his constituent’s beliefs in mind when he votes. He has sponsored many environmental bills in congress.

By the way, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is not a “wasteland of snow, mud and ice.” It is truly a refuge for caribou, wolves and other arctic animals and should be preserved forever. Re-elect Alan Lowenthal in November.

Gary Hoover


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