Movie Review: ‘The Secret: Dare to Dream

John Thomas

The large manila envelope with the elegant red wax seal must contain a secret or very important information. Especially so, since Bray (Josh Lucas), an engineering professor at Vanderbilt University, Tennessee, has driven all the way to New Orleans to personally deliver it.

He’s on the right street and eventually finds the mailbox with the 214 address he’s looking for. Knocking on the front door brings no response so he heads around back to find a young boy sitting on a dock fishing. “No, my mom’s not at home” the boy says to Bray,” she should be here later this afternoon.”

Deciding not to wait, Bray drives back towards town. At this same moment, the boy’s mother, Miranda Wells (Katie Holmes), is picking her two daughters up at school.

The three have a lively conversation on the way home, so lively that Miranda fails to notice the truck in front of her has stopped. Boom, she runs into it. Bray exits his truck as Miranda exits her car. The two meet. His truck is fine, but her car’s front end has fallen off.

Being an engineer, he offers to reattach it – no problem. Puzzled by his offer, she finally agrees and they set off with him following. She turns into the driveway at the 214 mailbox. As he’s repairing her car, the predicted major tropical storm clouds begin to gather and eventually unload heavy rain buffeted by strong winds around 214.

Because of the raging storm, Miranda suggests Bray join them for dinner – one she has yet to prepare. The three kids want pizza, but that’s not on the menu until someone knocks on the door. There, dripping with rain, is a pizza delivery man holding boxes of steaming hot pizza. Who ordered them, they all wonder? Bray philosophizes “We get what we expect.”

The family begins to ponder this idea as they devour the pizza slices. After dinner, climbing into his truck, Bray glances down at the manilla envelope on the car seat. He decides to put it in the dripping wet mailbox.

Checking to see if the family is okay the next day, Bray sees that, during the storm, a huge tree branch has fallen through the roof into the kitchen and the mailbox is gone. Miranda is already heavily in debt and has no money to repair the roof. Bray offers to do it for only the cost of the materials.

The family, especially Miranda, begins to question how Bray suddenly happens to be here to help out. He tries to explain his connection to them by taking a fridge-magnet and a paper clip. As he draws the magnet closer to the clip, the clip suddenly jumps up and attaches itself to the magnet. Bray explains an invisible force that draws two things together. The family has more to think about.

This same invisible force has been drawing him to Miranda and her family – the attraction is mutual. Bray finally has to explain to Miranda and her children the real purpose of his visit. She becomes angry with him as she feels he should have explained things much earlier. Now it’s too late – she demands he leave.

As the family sits alone gazing out over the water they notice the missing mailbox floating near the pier. They retrieve it and upon opening it, Miranda finds the water logged large manila envelope with the elegant red wax seal.

Directed by Andy Tennant (Credits: Fool’s Gold,  Hitch), “The Secret – Dare to Dream” is a “should see” movie that runs 107 minutes on Prime Video.


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