Movie Review: '‘Food Evolution'

John Thomas, Movie Critic

Viewers leave the movie theater convinced. Anyone with questions regarding the use, safety or necessity of GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) in food production will have them  answered. With a neutral eye to the facts, director Mr. Kennedy exposes the two  opposing GMO viewpoints by lifting the curtain behind which these two forces work against one another. He first visits papaya growers in Hawaii, whose crops have been devastated by plant disease. Then we visit banana framers in Uganda whose farmers have faced similar devastation but from a different cause. We turn next to Iowa to examine the use of pesticides and GMO seeds to improve crop production. 

Natural or artificial, good or bad, risk or benefit, truth or spin, but most importantly facts or feelings are questions Scott addresses through interviews, panel discussions, and filmed footage. These explorations range from government level studies presented in court rooms to people sitting with a latte in the shade of an umbrella chatting with friends. Anyone with an opinion on the GMO issue was given the opportunity to express their thoughts in this film, all recorded and edited under Mr. Kennedy’s watchful eyes.

Food Evolution takes the GMO controversy seriously.  The outcome of the film is to allow the viewer to draw his own conclusions based on large amounts of data - from both sides. Surprisingly enough, one of the charts shown in the film shows the annual profits for both Monsanto (the bad guys) and Whole Foods Markets (the good guys). Guess what? - there was only a slight difference between the two dollar amounts for each of the companies. What conclusion is one to draw from these numbers?

As the film progresses, the “bad guys” begin to sound more like caring humanitarians while the opposing forces end up sounding like crazy people filed with rage looking for a cause. There is an organization in New York City that holds televised debates on issues of national and global importance. On one of their shows, two members from the pro GMO side were to debate two members from the anti GMO side, with a host guiding the debate. At the close of the discussion, the unbiased audience was asked to vote for the side they felt was most responsible and warranted their trust.

Guess which side was voted the winner?

Directed by Scott Hamilton Kennedy, this 92-minute movie is a “must see.”


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