Netflix Television Presentation ‘Triple Frontier’

John Thomas
Ben Affleck, Pedro Pascal, Charlie Hunnam, Oscar Isaac and Garrett Hedlund in Triple Frontier

Santiago (Oscar Isaac) has tried very hard to help a poverty stricken community in South America to improve their living conditions. With this in mind, he becomes a member of the local police force. The area’s ruling drug lord is their main target.

As with most third world criminals, their target man has sequestered himself in a remote palatial home secured by a well armed personal army. Disillusioned by finally realizing that the local police are as corrupt as the drug lord they are supposedly fighting, Santiago returns to the U. S.

Yet he still can’t let the dire situation in South America go – he has to do something. Santiago decides on “Plan B” – to create his own police/army organization and bring them to South America.

He has maintained contact with a group of former military buddies he hopes to rely on for help. It’s now only a matter of convincing them to believe in his enterprise. He combs places where his former warrior-pals might hang out–boxing gyms, bars and even a real estate open house. It’s at the latter that he recruits the final member of his team, the logistics master, Tom (Ben Affleck).

The hook that finally convinces Tom (and some of the others) to participate in this plan is money – lots of it! Rumor has it that the drug lord keeps his millions close at hand – in his home or someplace on his property. They quietly sneak onto the property but, once inside the home, it becomes a matter of finding the cache.

When the security guards finally become aware of the break-in, lots of shooting takes place and dead bodies are strewn throughout the home. When all the gunfire is finished, the problem of finding the money still remains.

Will they even find it in time? The drug lord’s family will soon be returning from church, which will create unnecessary problems – Santiago and his friends are there for the money and not as a senseless death squad.

Tom has planned to transport the money overland, across the Andes mountains to the coast where a boat waits to take them home. Will his plan even work, considering the millions they are there to steal? This amount of money gets bulky, meaning it is heavy to transport.

Their plan seemed to lack the outside chance that, besides the drug lord wanting his money back, there might be local people who have heard of the theft. They, too, may resort to violent acts to get some cash as it may pass them by en route to the sea.

The five buddies finally escape the compound by van and head for a landing strip where they are to connect with the helicopter scheduled to take them over the Andes to the beach. The weight of the men and the cargo create a challenge for the high altitude flight over the 22,838 foot high Chilean mountain range. Near the mountain peak, smoke billows from the chopper’s engine.

Triple Frontier is directed by J. C. Chandor (Credits: A Most Violent Year, All is Lost, Margin Call), runs 125 minutes and is a “should see,”  because of the magnificent drone filming.


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