New Website, Free Online Ads, Ad Rates Lowered 20%

Jay Beeler, Publisher

We are pleased to report that our new website is up and running, offering numerous opportunities for your organization to gain maximum exposure in the greater Long Beach area. In conjunction with this, our print advertising rates have been lowered by 20 percent.

Additionally, any print advertisements in the Beachcomber will qualify for a free online ad that will connect with your organization’s website. This offer applies to a consecutively run ad frequency of four-times or greater contracted to run in 2017, which will qualify you for a proportionately-sized online free ad. Print and online ads will run concurrently during any two-week time period. The free online ad sign-up deadline is January 31, 2017 (good for up to 26 issues next year) so that we may populate the new website with various-sized ads – like yours. We’ll prepare your online digital ad at no charge.

The new Beachcomber website features:

  • Breaking news with alerts sent to our 2,500 email subscribers, as well as links to all our Facebook and Twitter followers who will receive local news stories as created and posted.
  • Reader comment section below news stories as well as ongoing public opinion polls on topics of current interest.
  • “What’s Happening” calendar of upcoming events (especially those of our advertisers), local weather information, plus breaking news photos and YouTube videos.
  • Editorial calendar alerting you of opportunities to send us news items at no charge relating to your industry.
  • Links to every digital version of the Beachcomber since January 2014 plus online searching of archived news stories.
  • Media kit, distribution map, demographics, PDF forms, Neighborhood Services Directory and other information that’s easily printed or downloaded.
  • Doubling our audience of 120,000 readers in 39,000 print editions distributed to homes and businesses in East Long Beach and contiguous areas; accessible to 2.9 billion internet users worldwide.
  • Rates and specifications for both print and online ads, which may be purchased separately or in combination. Go to or click on the website's "Advertise With Us" tab for details.
  • After the free offer has expired on January 31, 2017, online ads will cost 20 percent more than the cost of the print ads (which have been lowered 20 percent in 2017 to give you great added value).
  • E-commerce capability for ordering subscriptions, classified ads and display ads using PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.
  • Online ad sizes from large banners to small tiles – all in color – linked to your website.

Please give us a call at (562) 597-8000 if you have any questions regarding the above material. If you already work with John Tosdal, his direct line is (562) 673-8132; Dick Landau’s is (562) 301-2173.

Thank you for your past support of the Beachcomber over the past 16 years. Happy Holidays and we look forward to helping you gain new customers in the New Year.



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