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Let’s ask ourselves a question. What’s more important to our values? Collin Kaepernik or our flag – that has stood for freedom for nearly 250 years that the world is envious of – or Nike, that makes shoes not made in America?

I simply don’t care about Collin Kaepernik or Nike. I care about this nation that’s been given blessings at every turn to be a better and caring place to live and to try and help others. Our Judeo-Christian ethic has made this nation and its people great in the history of the world. The longest lasting Democracy in history.

About that history. Why do so many want to deny it or destroy it? Without it we have no clue as to what to do next. Look at those flapping their jaws without any knowledge of even the present let alone the past. Stop destroying our past that shows the reason for our changes. Stop destroying what this country has always been about. We come to grips with our mistakes and human foibles and have always worked harder than ever to be the best place in the world and history’s what helps make that possible. Let’s keep it that way.

Vance Frederick




Contrary to your claims, you seem to care enough about both Nike and Colin Kaepernick to sit down and write an ill-informed letter about them! While clearly the flag represents everything good and peachy to you, you must realize that you do not speak for everyone in this country. For many, the flag represents oppression, violence towards "others" and a lot of empty promises. The "history" that you claim is being erased is simply the view of history that you have taken to heart. Others have a different "history" with this image, and denying that or denigrating it doesn't change that fact.
In what way can we "come to grips with our mistakes" if we can't even acknowledge them or speak about them? It seems that you'd much rather sweep our mistakes under the rug, since that's exactly what you're advocating. It's past time for everyone to understand that "what this country has always been about" varies wildly based on one's background and experiences. Your history is NOT everyone's history.

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