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Gabrielle Weeks

Long Beach has been listed as the most ethnically diverse city in the U.S. by the census many decades in a row. The most recent census found Los Angeles the most diverse, with our city a close second. As a non-profit that supports and represents a multicultural, tolerant and accepting community, the Long Beach Area Group of the Sierra Club are appalled that the Trump campaign is opening an office here. We, like many Americans, are disgusted by his racism, xenophobia and divisive rhetoric that tries to scapegoat minorities.

This great nation was built by immigrants. Earlier immigrants landed at each end of the continent from England, France and Spain. Chinese and African immigrants built the railroads that connected us. Waves of migrating people have contributed to our melting pot.

It is outrageous that the Trump campaign would come to the Cambodiatown section of our city and attempt to use our residents as a prop in his side show. Long Beach and the Sierra Club embrace all ethnicities and cultures and see the value each brings. The Sierra Club often works with indigenous peoples. Currently we support stopping the 1,172-mile Dakota Access Pipeline, which would endanger drinking water in four states.

We also reject Trump’s ignorant anti-science and anti-environment positions, which threaten our quality of life and the health of our planet. On Twitter, Trump made a baseless, racist and ignorant claim that “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese,” Long Beach has over eight miles of coastline, and we do not want to see oceans rise. California, and many states in the west and midwest, have seen record heat and drought in the last few decades. The environment is pivotal for our economy and for human health.

In short, Trump’s divisiveness and ignorant policies are not appropriate in our community.

Gabrielle Weeks



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