Open Letter to LBPD Regarding Councilwoman Pearce Cover-up

Stephen Downing

The above linked article outlining Councilwoman Pearce's’ statements are in conflict with earlier statements from the police department.

Interviews with the CHP support the original LBPD release that the CHP happened upon Pearce and Cotter parked just off of the 710.  Her statement contradicts that statement.  That also coincides with my interview of the CHP.

Also, our information is that Cotter is the victim of domestic assault, as well.  Or at least he was that night.  Now Pearce is saying that she has experienced “escalating threats” and multiple incidents of domestic violence.  Again, this raises the question as to why no one was arrested – as mandated by law – for domestic violence at the first scene on the 710 or later in the morning in Peace’s neighborhood?

Pearce’s statement also raises the question as to why the city attorney made a deal with Cotter and paid out $6,000 in taxpayer funds to “settle” the dispute between the Pearce and Cotter rather than booking one or both for the domestic violence that she now alleges.

Pearce is making city hall and the LBPD look foolish and is throwing a deep shadow over the credibility of Long Beach governance, not to mention the VIP special treatment practiced by the LBPD in this case.

Please provide the facts surrounding this entire matter. Even Councilperson Pearce now says that what is “incredibly important to me, I have always championed transparency for members of elected office.”  

That statement alone should release the LBPD from any perceived need to “protect-the-parties” from public exposure. This is about governance in Long Beach and the manner in which our police department and city hall functions when our elected VIPs and political appointees fall off the rail.

Please let us know when the LBPD – and city hall – suppression of information of this matter will be lifted.


cc: Robert Luna; City Attorney; Anitra Dempsey; Nevin Miles; Robert Garcia; Patrick West; Jeannine Pearce



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