Passing of Ernie Kell

Mayor Robert Garcia

Long Beach’s first citywide elected mayor, Ernie Kell, passed away this weekend at the age of 88.

Kell served as our city’s mayor from 1984 to 1994, previously serving as a Long Beach City Councilmember representing the Fifth District from 1975-1988. During his tenure as mayor, he earned a reputation as a consensus builder with the city council. His leadership put into motion many efforts that created today’s Long Beach. Kell is credited with the convening of the city’s first Homeless Task Force in 1987, the creation of the Mayor’s Homeless Fund, the expansion of the Long Beach Convention Center, and the start of the Long Beach Education Partnership, which grew into the Long Beach College Promise – all of which helped shape the city as we know it today.

Mayor Kell and his love for Long Beach will be greatly missed. He leaves a great legacy of leadership and progress for our city. His wife Jackie also served as a councilmember for the Fifth District and has been involved in the community for many years. Together, they have contributed greatly to our city.

My thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Jackie, and the Kell family.


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