Pearce Censure

Great article! Councilwoman Price hit the nail on the head and kudos to Suzie for her response to Robson’s immature and inappropriate text message... “How is sleeping with your chief of staff and illegal activities at City Hall a union busting and #MeToo issue”? Let it be known Robson, the vast majority of us happen to be smart enough to know the three are not related. Pearce used the #MeToo movement as a convenient cop out. Shame on her!

Wendy Henning


She was perfectly fine in her inappropriate/illegal relationship with the chief of staff she hired until she got caught on the side of the 710 freeway. Heck, she hired him after they had been in a romantic relationship for some time and she blames it on her childhood trauma and the abusive relationship? This could only make sense to a narcissist and is insulting to true victims. In her “apology” she stated she wants the city to fund sexual harassment training? It’s Jeannine that needs the additional training, which was abundantly clear when she winked at me three times the night she was censured.

Her apology wasn’t 5 minutes old when she did that to me and I wasn’t shy about calling her out on it when it was my turn at the podium. She should count her blessings that I am not litigious by nature or I might file sexual harassment claims against her. #TimesUpJeannine

Stephanie Aiello


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