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Beachcomber Editor and Publisher Jay Beeler richly deserves a lump of coal in his own Christmas stocking for his nasty, mean-spirited and inappropriate use of his Xmas Beachcombing column to blast “Congressional Democrats” for doing their sworn duty, upholding our Constitution and laws by impeaching Donald Trump. Even worse, in a gross travesty of the holiday spirit, Editor/Publisher Beeler claims (with zero evidence) that the Democrats’ goal is a “Divided States of America.” Shame on him!

Clearly, had a Democratic president misused and abused the power of his office by threatening and then actually delaying, funds due another nation until that nation’s own president was twisted sufficiently that he agreed to investigate a political rival and his family, Beeler would have been all over that imaginary Democratic president. In the real world, though, if all that misconduct above was not enough of a violation of his oath of office, Donald Trump then engaged in a disgraceful attempt to hide those facts by refusing to let aides and former aides testify, thus abusing the Will of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Trump’s impeachment is well-deserved and long-overdue.

But, in a severe case of “double standards,” Jay Beeler finds all of these impeachable offenses to be OK when committed by a Republican, i.e. Donald Trump, while Beeler castigates Congressional Democrats for doing their sworn job. Shame again, Editor/Publisher Beeler. Enjoy your stocking’s lump of “clean coal,” as Donald Trump terms it! But, try for some fairness and balance in the future.

Dr. Eugene Elander


I’d like to correct an error in the Dec. 20 Beachcombing column by Publisher Jay Beeler. Congressional Democrats are not trying to “win back the White House” through Trump’s impeachment – nor can they!

Trump’s removal will not make Hillary Clinton president; it would mean that Republican Vice President Mike Pence would take over. Just something I learned in a junior high government class.

Jim Walters


[Said what I meant and meant what I said. – Ed.]



Since the Beachcomber publisher-editor "said what I meant and meant what I said," his inappropriate, mean-spirited and inaccurate pre-Xmas blast at House Democrats for doing their sworn duty, i.e. the impeachment of Donald Trump, only proves his lack of fairness, balance and judgment. I therefore remind the Beachcomber that philosopher George Santayana said that those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it. It seems that Donald Trump is not the only slow-learner in that regard; Long Beach has its own version. E. Elander

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