Pizza So Good You Will Be Tempted to Eat the Box

Jonathan Pekar, Food Dude
LONG BEACH PIZZA CO. vegetarian pizza loaded with lots of veggies.

There is something truly wonderful about pizza. Even the dynamic of waiting for a pizza to cook is fun … almost. That intense and rewarding moment a hot pizza is brought to your table and it is too hot to eat but you eat it anyway, burning the inside of your mouth while you make an unintentional Jim Carrey face frantically reaching for your beer – good times! Even better when the pizza is fantastic.

And that is the best way to describe the pizza at Long Beach Pizza Co. at 3430 E. Broadway. This pizza is absolutely fantastic!

When that urge, that need, for pizza hits you like it hits most of us human beings wandering this great, colorful planet – you should simply go to Long Beach Pizza Co. on Broadway. Everyone who works there has charming personality and makes the entire visit to their restaurant well worth it.

The simple yet beautiful act of us getting together to eat while professional and friendly people do their best to make your time at their restaurant special is what the American dining experience is at its best. Family and friends eating, talking, listening to music … not many things can beat that. Time honored fun.

Long Beach Pizza Co. is all that and more. For decades they have been serving this great pizza. How do I know? Because they have been using the same ingredients since they opened their doors.

I had a long conversation with owner Nasser Shayesteh about the history of their menu. And what a menu it is but it all boils down to their superb pizza sauce. The sauce is prepared to perfection with a taste that relaxes not only your pallet, it gets you feeling good all over.

Oh pizza, how did you become so powerful? What was life like without you? I shudder to think.

Long Beach Pizza Co. is the Led Zeppelin of pizza and offers a wide variety of Italian dishes as well.

Did you know pizza, in the traditional sense of bread with sauce and toppings, can be traced back to as far as recorded history goes? Modern pizza evolved from similar flat bread dishes in Naples, Italy in the late 18th century. The word “pizza” was first documented in AD 997 in Gaeta and successively in different parts of Central and Southern Italy.

But so what? We are living for the now! And now is a great time to indulge in some of the finer things in life, like quality pizza! So go do yourself a favor and go get a pizza from Long Beach Pizza Co. These reasonably priced pizzas combined with the rest of their excellent menu will make you very happy.

Go eat for yourself.


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