Pot Hole City

After driving through neighboring cities (Cypress, Lakewood, Los Alamitos and Westminster I crossed the border into Pot Hole City, AKA Long Beach Calif.

In the past, our mayor, Robert Garcia, and other city officials touted a sales tax (Measure A) and pledged to spend that money on paving road’s, alleys and pot holes. I warned people not to vote for any tax increase because in the past a lot of the promised revenue went for other things.

Measure A, passed with nearly 60 percent approval from voters on June 7th, 2016. The 10-year sun setting tax was estimated to generate about $48 million annually.

Also, oil operations have generated over $450 million for Long Beach.

Even with all this extra income, there is still a lot of pot holes all over the city that have been there for years. Where did all the extra money go? I don’t think all the other cities mentioned above have the extra revenue that Long Beach has and yet you don’t see pot holes all over their roads.

People need to wise up on voting for any kind of tax increase not just in Long Beach but also in California.

A few years ago Governor Newsom pulled the same stunt asking citizens to vote for a tax to fix the roads and promised to put the money into a “lock box” to be used only for infrastructure repair. That tax money also went for other things.

Leo Mitchell


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