Public Records Act Lawsuit

I congratulate Jay Beeler on his integrity and willingness to fight to preserve the citizen’s rights of discovery as afforded us by our state and our federal governments. Sunshine is always the best disinfectant.

Robert Fox


It would appear that any progress in transparency and good conduct in the last 18 months, as has been expressed at various occasions by the LBPD, is non-existent. Chief Luna has not responded publicly (to my knowledge) to the California Police Scorecard which ranks the LBPD nearly last (96 of 100) police departments.

Thank you Beachcomber for taking on this onerous task.

Carlos Ovalle



Its obvious and well known by every citizen in the LBC that we have a corrupt PD that no one respects and trust. If that was not bad enough the other city department that is suppose to kept them on legal grounds is just as corrupt as the department they are to keep in line. Now we have to worry about the people we elected to the city council being complicit with their violations of the law. If this is not the definition of an Organized crime syndicate what is? Is it too much to ask for a city government to follows the law? am sure they expect that from the citizens in the LBC.... Why are the Fed's not investigating this corrupted city government?

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