Public Unions

Vance Frederick

Private unions help employees who are working with a management that is making a product or created a service to make a profit. The union tries to help the employees receive a decent amount of the profit the company makes for its members that benefits both the members and the company.

Public unions work for a city, state, county or state that has no product or service to make a profit. The union is there solely to pay back the governing body of the institution they think they are working for during campaigns that bring the union more income thus allowing them to pay for campaigns by those that support them in government.

Since most if not all of the unions employees are not subject to dismissal and have always made a decent wage or salary to compensate for the nonprofit political organizations they actually work for, as opposed to the people they should be serving, it seems obvious to anyone with a mind to think with that this is quid pro quo at its worst.

“You give us pay increases and tremendous pensions and we’ll keep you in campaign money to get you reelected.” The politicians have interest in helping the people where they “work” even if the place goes broke, which has happened, because they will leave with great deals of money, as people “in the know” and wash their hands of the whole thing. It’s as simple as that.

No one is worth 100 percent of their salary for a pension for any job.



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