PV Loses a Shoe Repair Legend

Steve Propes

On December 22, 2017, the owner of Jack’s Shoe Repair, Richard “Jack” Brown, who often said he didn’t know who the original owner Jack was, or is, passed away after taken ill inside his shop several days previously. Paramedics and police were there at the time and Jack had plans to seek medical help, then he died at home.

Jack’s Shoe Repair is now closed for good. Parkview Village manager Jim Ault said, “Richard was there for over 60 years. His family is going through his shop, slowly moving things out. I’m not sure of the nailing and stitching machines, they are so massive. One machine is six to eight feet long.”

Ault plans for “some sort of location in Parkview Village to be named in Jack’s honor,” as well as some sort of similar recognition for the recently retired Lou Bodell, of Bodell’s Shoes, who just turned 90. In the case of Jack’s Shoe Repair, current rent is being waived for the family during the time it takes to empty the store front.



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