Queen Mary Great for Food, Drinks

By Jonathan Pekar, Food Dude

Sometimes we take for granted the true greatness that is all around us. The Pacific Ocean itself is a true wonder to behold, living right next to it is a blessing. And all the unique houses, buildings, museums and interesting people that make up this community is why Long Beach is such a desirable place to call home.

I sincerely love living in Long Beach and all the fun places here that entertain my curiosity. Long Beach and its immediate surrounding cities have so many truly unique restaurants and entertaining places to visit that it can almost be overwhelming. Home really can be a quite wonderful place and leaving it should be a worthwhile event.

Visiting the Queen Mary is always a fantastic idea, especially for you long-time locals. When was the last time you paid a visit to Her Majesty? Of course we all know the rich history of the Queen Mary, this time-honored treasure that carried our brave soldiers around the world and we are forever thankful for their service. It is what all those brave women and men sacrificed that allows great cities, like our own, to thrive.

The Queen Mary is history. And here is a very interesting fact that will not surprise you at all: The Queen Mary is really a wonderful place to have drinks and eat!

But let me make myself clear, this is not a review; this is a request. Go with family or take friends and spend some quality time drifting around the ship. Take in all the memories and memorabilia that it has to offer. The tours are fun, the drinks are great and the food is exceptional.

Walking around these halls will take you to another time. The staff is very professional and courteous. They make you at home and are very knowledgeable about the ship itself. Incredible to think that they actually considered purposely sinking her at one time.

I sincerely believe you will enjoy this experience as much as I do. Visit their webpage for all the happenings on board (www.queenmary.com). Viva the Queen Mary and all her memories present and past!

Go eat for yourself.


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