Is the Queen Mary Haunted?

Tonjanae Watson

Queen Mary’s Chief Officer Chris Perley spoke at the February 27 meeting of Long Beach’s chapter of Rotary Club. Perley delved into the mystery of the ship and the many stories it holds – specifically its hauntings.

The Queen Mary is recognized as Time magazine’s top ten most haunted places in the United States. It’s also known as the most haunted ship in the world. The question often arises,”Is the Queen Mary really haunted?”

Officer Perley holds a dual role as the Queen Mary’s Chief Officer and the paranormal officer. As the Chief Officer, he oversees the general maintenance of the ship. However, as the paranormal officer, he serves as a custodian and archivist of the many stories on the ship.

Several mediums visit the ship throughout the year observing and analyzing what they can from the ship. They report their findings to Officer Perley and he begins his research. He looks deep into the history of the Queen Mary to find any correlation between what’s been claimed and what has actually occurred. Oftentimes, there are no connections; every now and then there are a few.

One would think that the mediums could uncover the mysteries of the ship and begin to connect the dots for several sightings. One prominent example shows how unique sightings can be in their correlations to the ship’s history.

One late medium, recounted an adult male who had gone crazy and killed his wife and two daughters, then committed suicide. The daughters are often seen running through the halls calling out for their mother. Upon further investigation, Captain Perley found that the incident did, in fact, occur – in Virginia. The girls’ grandmother was aboard the ship the day the tragic crime took place and was staying in a room completely different than the room recounted by the medium.

Today, the ship is used for dining, overnight stays, special occasions and tours. There are specific tours designated to focus on the paranormal aspect of the ship. A popular one is Ghost Legends, a theatrical tour allowing for immersion into the ship’s history. Several guests have noted that they were fascinated by the feature where the woman would walk down the stairs and disappear into the wall. Such curious minds wondered how they were able to accomplish this feat. Little did they know, that was not apart of the tour, but a common recurring sighting.

There are bits and pieces of stories lurking throughout the halls of the ship. Fortunately, we have Officer Perley to sort through all of the details and begin to tell the true stories of the ship. Unfortunately, the job is a bit tricky because of the ship’s mobile character. In the past, deaths on the ship were briefly noted. An autopsy could not be performed to determine the cause of death until they reached land and stories were left untold with the brief notes.

The Queen Mary would compete for the Blue Ribbon award. It was a steady toss-up between ships for who would be the fastest to travel from Europe to the United States. After holding the title twice for years at a time, the S.S. United States became the last ship to gain the title. They still hold the record to this day.

Seated in the first-class dining hall, Rotary Club members were able to view a giant flat lay of a world map across the wall. This is where first-class guests would dine and could watch as the ship moved across the map.

So is the Queen Mary really haunted? Pay the ship a visit and find out.


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