Rafe Armstrong Strives to Play Professional Hockey

By Sydni Ingram

Rafe Armstrong is a 13-year-old newspaper carrier with a love for hockey. Rafe, like most, heard about this job opportunity from reading the newspaper. He likes delivering the papers because he can listen to music and enjoys being friendly and greeting people whenever he sees them.

Wrapping the papers is one of the things he does not enjoy because he said he is very slow at it. It usually takes him an hour to wrap the newspapers and two to deliver them. He currently delivers between Conant, Clark, Wardlow and Bellflower.

Outside of being a newspaper carrier he enjoys playing hockey, watching television and hanging out with his friends. Rafe likes hockey because it’s on ice, plus he does not have to worry about getting hot because of the low temperature.

“I got into it by playing lacrosse, because in lacrosse you wear no pads, so I was like, I’d rather wear pads than none,” he said.

He currently plays for the club Paramount Iceland, which is a tournament team, “We practice three times a week, with a scrimmage every week and then we play over the holidays.”

As for his academics, Rafe’s favorite subjects are history, especially U.S. history, because he likes learning about what the U.S. has done in the past. As for math, he finds it to be one of the easier subjects for him.

He currently attends school at Las Flores Home Education Independent Study Academy. He looks forward to better sports, like hockey, and more experience with his peers when he attends high school.

Right now, Rafe’s goals are to become more fit and play in the national hockey league or become a commentator for his favorite team, the Anaheim Ducks.

Neighborhood routes of approximately 700 papers are available for middle-school students delivering our biweekly newspaper Friday afternoons or Saturday mornings. Email your name, address, home phone, cell phone, parent’s names, school and grade level to: publisher@beachcomber.news. We’ll call you immediately if there’s an opening in your area; otherwise we’ll add your name to our wait list.


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