Real I.D.

Joe Paire

Your recent article on the issues with the DMV was very timely since I had an appointment to get my real ID. I was done in under an hour even with the following tasks required: Real I.D. documents reviewed and copied, thumb-printed, photograph taken, vision test and knowledge written test

I found that the DMV personnel in the Long Beach office to be very friendly and helpful. I would definitely advise that you make an appointment and fill out the required application online before your visit.

There still seems to be confusion over what Social Security documents are acceptable. As your article indicated a SS card with typewritten information is no longer accepted. However, if you are receiving SS payments the SSA1099 form that you receive annually is acceptable. If you are working and receive a W-2 that form is also acceptable since it includes your SS number. There should be no reason to go to the Social Security office to request a new card like the gentleman did in your article.



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