Rent Control

Recently, the Pacific West Association of Realtors announced that Mayor Robert Garcia and seven council members stated in writing when they first ran for their current office that they opposed rent control and two council members verbally confirmed their opposition to rent control.

The chamber has gone on record numerous times opposing rent control. One of the many reasons is due to the statewide housing shortage. More units are needed more than ever and if rent control was to be enacted locally, or even statewide, it would deter developers from building more housing.

Now that our local elected leaders are on record as opposing rent control, we can shift the conversation back to fixing the housing crisis locally. It will take numerous groups, policy makersand other interested parties to find the right solutions. What we do know is rent control is not one of them.

Join us in thanking our elected officials in opposing rent control and tell those who demand it, Long Beach is not the place.

Randy Gordon, president and CEO
LB Area Chamber of Commerce


Tenants in Long Beach are set to begin collecting signatures for a proposed rent control ballot measure. The measure is title the “Long Beach Rent Control Ordinance.” Yesterday afternoon, proponents of this ballot measure received confirmation that the language of the proposed measure has been approved by the city attorney and will move forward with signature collection. The proposed ordinance, if approved by the voters, would establish residential rent control and “just cause for eviction” requirements in the City of Long Beach.

Karen Reside, secretary of the Long Beach Gray Panthers and co-sponsor of the ordinance, is confident that the coalition will be able to collect the signatures needed to place this ordinance on the November 2018 ballot. “Seniors are facing the highest rents we’ve ever seen,” says Reside, who adds, “With most of us on fixed incomes and limited retirement funds, we can’t keep up. Rent control and just cause eviction will give us security instead of worrying about ending up on the streets.”

Martha Cota, president of Latinos in Action California, sees this initiative as vital to Long Beach and its vibrant communities. As a community leader who has organized academic enrichment and leadership programs for youth citywide, Cota wants to see stability for renters in Long Beach. She adds, “Long Beach has a community like nowhere else, full of active members who give back to the community every day. Unfortunately, many have already already been displaced. With this ordinance, we’re going to stop the displacement of our community.”

The #RentControlNOW Coalition will be having their Campaign Kick-Off at MacArthur Park on Sunday, Feb. 11 at 12 p.m. For more information, contact (562) 436-8592.

Jordan Wynne
Housing Long Beach



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