Resident’s Rant

Yesterday I was driving on Sixth Street, going from Ximeno to Bellflower. What a disgrace. What a danger. What a waste of money and a long delayed project that is more dangerous than helpful or attractive. Who in heaven’s name dreams up these money-wasting projects, claiming they are helping the environment?

First of all, the roundabouts are too wide for the street sizes. If I were a homeowner there, I would sue the city. They are dangerous. Some have had trees put in the middle, which will only hinder visibility and create more traffic problems for the driver and the biker.

Why these ugly hazards when our roadways need to be redone? What the hell is going on here? The City of Long Beach cries no money and raises taxes disgracefully high and yet the city seems to do nothing but waste the taxpayer’s money,

Now, about property taxes: Why in heavens name are the assessors increasing our taxes so high? Who can afford to make any improvements to their home? If they do, the city increases their taxes. I guess the city doesn’t want homeowners to be able to keep their homes. Please don’t give the story of homeless to cover your behinds. As a single parent I worked and raised a family of five in a one bedroom apartment and sometimes worked a second job. Using the homeless to take away from the dwindling middle class is a damn disgrace.

Why do we have some seniors retiring with a very large pension and benefits that far exceed their needs due to a buddy system allowing that they do nothing but sit on their laurels? This is where we need to clean up this disgraceful abuse of power. It needs to end. Corruption is what it is and these are the folks that need to be helping the homeless.

Building five-story apartment complexes for those in need? It’s just another way for big wigs to make more money for themselves. They already have overblown real estate prices so they can charge more taxes and intimidate home owners. Tell me -how many homeless will these developers put in their affordable apartments? Seeing is believing.

Finally I do believe medical marijuana fills a need and has value. I do not feel getting high every day for the sport of it, is okay. It should never have passed but then again, look at the voters. 1 do hope it will be monitored like drunk driving and treated accordingly. High driving equals drunk driving.



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