Review: 'The Grey Zone'

John Thomas

The vehicle drivers are anxious to disembark the ferry that brought them the short distance from Denmark to Sweden. Their departure is being detained until the Swedish police investigator, Eva Forsberg (Tova Magnusson), arrives. She wants to be there to arrest a driver from Germany ; the cargo is of interest.

As the trucks begin to exit, she spots the German truck and motions it to the side. Sensing problems, the driver flees the truck but is shot in the process. A false wall in the cargo area is opened to reveal one of two recently stolen nuclear warheads. The police now have the one warhead, but where is the other and is the intended target Denmark or Sweden and who stole them?

Meanwhile in Copenhagen, Victoria Rahbeck (Brigitte Hjort Sørensen), and her six-year=old son are packing for a trip. He will travel with his father (her ex) to Paris, she will travel to Stockholm to make a presentation to the international media.

Her company has created a drone that will revolutionize global health and farming industries. The drone is named BAT as it was designed to have the same qualities of sensing its surroundings as a bat.

Standing before an enthusiastic audience she describes the many improvements in agriculture the BAT will provide. When asked if the drone has military potential, she responds, “It does, but such a program is restricted and only known to company executives.”

At the reception following the presentation a friend from the past introduces himself – Iyad Adi Kassar (Ardaian Emalli). They share drinks, past experiences and eventually a bed.

The next time they meet it’s at her front door. This time when they embrace, he has a syringe concealed in one hand. He jabs her in the neck and she collapses in his arms. While she is unconscious, his team of terrorists installs hidden cameras and recording equipment in her apartment. In the future she won’t be able to do anything without their knowledge.

When she regains consciousness, he explains her new situation. He is moving in to collect information on the BAT drone flight controller. She is to follow his orders without question. To prove he and his team are in charge, he shows her a live video of her son happily bouncing on the bed in his Paris hotel room. Terrified for her son, she complies.

First, she must return to company headquarters in Stockholm to steal the BAT, then make a return trip for the coordinates and a last trip for more intel. Her frequent travels come to the attention of the Danish and Swedish intelligence authorities as do various suggestions of a pending terrorist attack somewhere in Sweden or Denmark.

The intelligence team arranges a clandestine meeting with Eva with the hope convincing her to act as a mole in aiding them to find the leaders of the terrorists cell, where and when they plan to strike. She has many safety concerns for her son, herself and her country. It is a dangerous proposal; one she needs to carefully consider before answering.

“Must see” for a well presented, fascinating and intriguing story. In this series, a few of the good guys turn out to be bad and some of the bad  guys occasionally do good things.


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