Road Diet Bumpers

I was pleased to see your story on the Broadway parking bumpers. When I first encountered them two weeks ago, I emailed the LB Citizen’s Advisory Committee on Disabilities about the fall hazard. I was told, like you were for your article, that half of them are being removed. But I have to wonder: is that just cutting the hazard / liability by 50 percent?

Innocents could be 100 percent hurt by the remaining bumpers. They should be totally eliminated throughout the city. Bike riders, drivers and pedestrians will learn over time to navigate properly – they don’t need these additional hazards in their lives.

Diana Eastman


The article on Broadway is much appreciated. My husband and I were having dinner recently at the Park Pantry. A nice waitress told us that an older woman tripped on a black bumper and, sadly, most of her front teeth were broken.

My husband and I were taking a walk that night and noticed that many of Long Beach’s small business have closed their doors. We are grateful that our fair city is addressing the issue of the road diet.

Mimsie May


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