Roe Seafood is Wonderful

By Jonathan Pekar, Food Dude

I just can’t get enough of this place, the food is fantastic and their bartenders are possibly the greatest on 2nd Street/the world. Roe Seafood is literally the perfect dining experience for seafood lovers.

The entire menu is fantastic and well thought out. Chef Rigo Bonilla’s creative coastal cuisine may be the best in Long Beach. When family and friends come to town Roe Seafood at 5374 E. 2nd Street is where I take them to show off how cool and unique Long Beach is.

The ambiance of Roe is as amazing as the food itself. With two outdoor patios and a tree growing inside by the bar, Roe has a casual yet elegant feel that sets the mood for an outstanding meal. This place is really spacious too.

The front patio is dog friendly and the charming back patio holds around 75 people comfortably for special events because here come the holidays. A Roe gift card is a very good idea. And on that note, Wednesday Nov. 22nd (Pre-Turkey day) falls on Roe’s Wine and Jazz Wednesday, good times!

Roe is a great place for a reunion, family gathering or to enjoy good music and wine. They have half-price bottles of wine, no corkage, and live jazz 5-8 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Their easy to navigate webpage ( keeps you up to date with all their events and happenings. They also have a fish market next door that is nothing short of amazing. The history of fish markets is quite interesting. Fish markets were known in antiquity. They served as a public space where large numbers of people could gather and discuss current events and local politics. Roe’s Fish Market holds true to that tradition.

The locals that frequent Roe are fun and never short on conversation. Roe’s seafood is brought in fresh every day and their salads and sandwiches at their market are marvelous.

Then there is their team of professionals that adds that extra special something to your dining experience. Roe’s entire staff is sincerely friendly and full of personality. It can never be overstated how important the people of a restaurant that come together to create a memorable meal for you really is. You can feel their sense of comradery at Roe as they see to it that you are enjoying your time with them. There should be some kind of ‘Best Bar Team in Belmont Shore’ contest or something. Obviously the Roe team would win, however, everyone loves a challenge. Someone remind me to pitch that idea to our publisher.

In closing, I highly recommend you visit Roe Seafood on 2nd Street. It is definitely my favorite seafood restaurant in Long Beach.

Go eat for yourself.


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