RV Parking Ban

Scott & Janie Wiliams

We are writing about the proposed plan on limiting RV parking at our home. We do have a large RV. We also have a corner lot with plenty of parking. We are getting up there in years but hope to be able to travel for the next few years.

We watched the city council meeting this week and are dismayed that no one spoke up for the RV owners. We understand that large vehicles of any kind should not park where it blocks vision, but our RV never does that. We are being penalized for what others are doing just because we own a motor home.

The proposed limitation of 20 permits really means that we are limited to 10 trips a year, which of course is not even one trip a month. Additionally, my husband regularly works on the inside of the motor home, and that would take a permit, again limiting the number of trips we can take. We are not talking about engine repairs but interior items.

This issue was big 30 years ago. The city tried to do the same thing, but they ended up having to revert the law to what it is now. Why do we have rehash the same issues again and again? How about sticking up for the middle class home owner who pays their taxes, keeps their house neat and clean and minds their own business? You seem to want to protect the homeless (and the people sleeping in their cars or old motor homes or trailers on the street ) more than you want to help us. You know that they will continue to be there, dumping their sewer tank in the street, as they don’t care about the city at all.

We are not going to talk about the cost we will have to pay for a space at a storage yard, if we could find one. For a council member to say that there are places available in Carson is not helpful. That means we would be fighting the 405 freeway all the time, just to be able to work on the RV. Just what we need is more traffic on the 405.

Thank you for your consideration on what we have written. We love Long Beach, and do not want to leave our home. Please help look out for us well as all the other RV and boat owners in our area.



I Just  read the letter from Scott and Jamie Williams.  I am so glad I do not live in their neighborhood.  We have several RVs in our small neighborhood that take up all of the available parking spaces. The bad news these RVs are not being used, but stored in our neighborhood.  My neighbor has a truck attached  to an RV, which is stored on the street 90 percent  of the time.  They use the RV 2/3 times a year. 

The RV costs a great deal of money – purchase price, insurance and maintenance  and " You cannot afford the storage fee." What are you thinking!

Scott and Jamie we are the middle class in your neighborhood. I pay my taxes, take care of my property and have a clean house . So, why should I have to look out of my living room window and see your large RV blocking my view of the world! You are not a good neighbor, just a RV owner who thinks they are entitled to take over our neighborhoods.

I have lived in my neighborhood 40 years and I deserve consideration, which means a neighborhood free of stored RVs.

Maria Soto

I never said we couldn't afford the storage fee. I said that we are working on the inside of the RV on a weekly basis, and to have it somewhere else would make that not possible. I have never had anyone complain about it sitting on the street. We are lucky to be on a corner with a very large stretch of street parking, enough that it fits the RV and 4 other cars. It does not block traffic. How it sitting next to my house effects you is beyond me.

Sometimes people don't complain to your face because THEY are trying to be good neighbors! I am so glad the people down the street moved because that means their big ugly also moved! Finally! One time it parked in front of my neighbor's house and broke a whole limb off their apple tree! Which eventually led to its death! Also, they'd park in front of my house on trash take out night! Meaning we had to put our trash cans in front of the neighbor's house! Rude! Inconsiderate! I wish Long Beach would prohibit ALL vehicle overnight parking! I have "good" neighbors that instead of parking their cars in their own garages or driveways, think it is perfectly acceptable to park in front of my house for days on end! Rude! Stop it! Put your RV in your own driveway!

our RV is also our earthquake / emergency plan. It has the extra food and water as well as a generator. For this reason we like it parked at our home. If it was at a storage yard we would not have access in an emergency.

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