Safer City

Robert Garcia, mayor

I want to share with you some good news about how much safer our city is today.

The City of Long Beach’s 2016 year-end report shows that while many California cities have seen a spike in crime and murders, our city has seen an 8.3 percent decrease in homicides and overall crime in our city has remained essentially flat when comparing 2016 to 2015.

Thanks to our dedicated law enforcement officers, our city’s long-term trends continue to show incredible results with decreases in total violent crimes of more than 30 percent and murders are down more than 47 percent since 1985.

This is great news for our city and for our residents. As your mayor, I am committed to making our city safer and stronger. That’s why we are hiring more police officers and modernizing our equipment and facilities. The Long Beach Innovation Team is providing creative, data-driven approaches to policing which furthers my dedication to creating a 21st Century police force that will work smarter and harder to keep us safe.

Our city is safer and will continue to grow stronger thanks to the collaboration from our Long Beach Police Department, the Innovation Team and dedicated community members like you.



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