Sanctuary Cities

Vance Frederick

How can two mayors of such large cities in California come out and say immigration laws are “broken” when they’ve never abided by them? Is it their way or they’re against it? These two individuals are putting their agenda above that of the nation and the good of citizens; that should be against the law. They’re both law breakers who think they know better. They deny the consequences of their agenda and seek what they want over the objections of the federal government.

Did they not take an oath? Do they not care that millions of American citizens are out of work or working for less because millions of illegal aliens work for less? Do they not know of the over $2 billion sent south of the border annually to family and friends that isn’t taxed? Do they not know of hardships like the 14-year-old rape victim put upon by two illegal aliens or the many other victims and their families who should be given at least as much attention and sympathy as those who raped, robbed and murdered while here illegally?

Do they not know the amount of economic hardship is taken by citizens to keep illegal aliens here on social programs, school costs, health and hospital costs and prison costs? Do Americans know that there is no analysis of the number of crimes committed by illegals in this country? We know how many calories are in our food but not how many suffer and/or die from illegal’s criminal activities. These are just a few of many more reasons sanctuary cities are against the federal immigration law. If these two mayors and other liberals who want no borders are willing to get rid of their guards, nannies and the rest and help house illegal aliens in their massive homes then maybe they should have a say. Otherwise they should live by the laws of our nation or go to jail.


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