Sanctuary City

Anna Miller
I’m sick to hear our state is backing those here illegally/undocumented. How shameful, our elected representatives, our council members have turned away from the American principles, our laws and the American people, who they were elected to represent, to support lawbreakers from a country other than America!

Stop the entitlement, stop the government benefits, stop rewarding those here illegally with benefits American citizens don’t have. What should be addressed is the tremendous increase in population of those already here illegally; correlate this with the depletion of our energy resources, increase in crime, overcrowding of our hospitals, schools and prisons, all impacting the American taxpayer who provides the monetary resources for all these services. We the taxpayer support those here illegally while they collect welfare and send money earned here back to the country from which they came. Why is it council members can approve and pass an agenda without a vote from the American citizens, taxpayers of our state?



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