Self-Serving Politicians

Leo Mitchell

There has been a lot of talk about the high cost of houses and rent in the news lately but because of political correctness, the articles never mention the millions of illegal immigrants in California. All of these people need housing. It’s the old but true law of supply and demand. When demand is more than supply, the price goes up.

The Democrat politicians aren’t helping things with their “sanctuary cities and state” policy. These self serving politicians claim they care for people. That’s a joke. If they “care for people” they should care for the legal citizens first. The truth is, they want the vote from the illegal’s friends and families and the future vote of those that get citizenship. The Democrat’s will do anything to stay in power even if it means higher housing, loss of jobs to its citizens, higher taxes, the state and cities going deeper into debt, etc.

It’s time for people to start thinking on their own rather than being non thinking zombies being led by politicians who are just looking out for themselves.



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