Static Salon Q&A

John Tosdal
RaChelle Daniels

Where were you born and raised? Wichita, Kansas

What inspired you to begin Static Salon in Long Beach?  Seeing a need and wanting to make a difference in the community.  Not just in the world of beauty but to the people in our community.

Have all your goals been met at Static Salon?   Of course, many goals have been met, yet I always strive to be a better version of myself and the salon. 

How’s the customer experience at Static Salon different since Covid-19?  We are taking the Covid pandemic very seriously. There are strict guidelines we must follow and are Self Certified through The City Of Long Beach as one of the businesses following all recommended guidelines. All guests are required to answer a few short questions and have their temperature taken along with wearing a mask before entering our salon.

What’s next in your professional life? I want to start my own Hair Extension Supply Company with ethical and sustainable hair.

What have you personally discovered since Covid-19 arrived?  They say there are three types of people during a major life event. Ten percent become leaders and look for solutions, and they're the ones people go to for guidance; 80 percent wait to be told what to do and tend to follow what’s been put into place. The other ten percent use that major event to better only themselves and tend to take advantage of others. I know I am that first 10 percent.

What’s your favorite charity, and why? The Beacon Ministry for Him and The Long Beach Women’s Shelter. I've always loved working with the homeless, and I hope that I can make a difference for them.

What’s your most significant childhood memory? Riding horses all day and not coming home before dark!

What’s your favorite technology and why? I just got an Amazon Alexa for the salon so we could change the music without touching it. It's amazing, you speak, and she listens!

What streaming television series do you recommend and why? Yellowstone. It's probably my most favorite show ever, and Kevin Costner is a total BADA**

Who’s currently your favorite musical artist and why?  Ah man, this is so random. My playlist right now is KASKADE, Kenny Chesney, and Frank Sinatra.

What’s your favorite phone app and why? An app called OVER, it helps me put together professional looking stories on our Instagram account.

Static Salon is located at 2310 Bellflower Blvd #103, Long Beach, CA 90815


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