Stop the Hate

Vance Frederick

I remember the song “Everything Is Beautiful” and many others from my youth that makes me wonder just what some of these young people and especially Congress people are talking about. I was stumped for words when the actions of a few far off the middle on either side were taken seriously by anybody. We got way too many people on this planet to start calling everybody something that crushes anyone into a square hole. Let’s stop and consider where some are coming up with all this hate and finger pointing.

To begin with the only guy who was perfect we hung on a tree so we don’t have a very high bar to meet when it comes to making good decisions. Both sides of the issues need to stop yelling and pointing and start talking with each other. We’re all the same with just a different color here and there to keep things interesting. God has no favorites and he wants us all to love each other and help each other. If that doesn’t make sense, then we have more of a problem than we all think. Everyone throw away those masks, hoodies, rocks, batons, bombs and such and speak with each other. No one can solve anything by crushing those whose ideas they don’t agree with. That’s a fact. Undeniable.

Get educated on the actual and true facts and then discuss things.




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