Suzie Price for Mayor

The election is just a few weeks away and  we encourage your vote for Suzie Price as mayor. She is running against Rex Richardson for the post.

We have a political machine in Long Beach – also known as the “union mafia” – that fixes election outcomes by pouring huge donations toward candidates who are pro union. This, in turn, has resulted in excessive city employee (read that “union member”) salaries while our infrastructure and resident services suffer.

The most recent campaign finance filing report shows that $332,500 has been put into a Political Action Committee intent on influencing the Nov. 8 election. This is in addition to $446,998 spent on the Primary Election to support Richardson and four council candidates.

With Richardson as mayor we can expect much of the same. He’ll also continue in the footsteps of Robert Garcia by appointing lapdog commission members who will vote as they are told by the mayor. This has not served us well when it comes to the Citizen Police Complaint Commission, which has failed miserably in its mission. It has not served us well with a few other commissions populated with unqualified, do-as-you-are-told members.

As a handsomely paid lobbyist for Crown Castle, Councilman Richardson voted to approve a 10-year license deal between his company and the city to install micro-cell telecommunications stations within Long Beach. Crown Castle then agreed to pay the city half of what other cities usually receive for similar contracts with telecommunications companies.

An ethical person would have recused themselves from that vote. He did not, which speaks volumes about his ethics. He’s pulled a similar pay-for-play, quid pro quo stunt with Waste Management Inc.

In stark contrast, Suzie Price listens to her constituents. She does her homework and researches the topic to be knowledgeable and strategic in her decisions.

Suzie Price does not take bribes from developers and is not part of the graft that is common within some members of the City Council.

Please vote for a more intelligent, honest and ethical person – Suzie Price – in the Nov. 8 election.




What did Suzie Price do to stop to corruption with Luna and the LBPD? I know NOTHING but help cover up the misconduct, she also endorsed Luna one of the most incompetent and corrupt people that ever worked in the LBC. That also speaks volumes about her ethics. Don't get me wrong am not supporting Richardson, who also backed corrupt Luna and the corrupt PD am just saying they both are the same. God help the LBC which everyone wins, SMH

Glad you asked. She brought body-worn cameras to LBPD and additional officer trainings like by-stander liability, which is proven through the country to be the number one methods to reform police departments from inside out. While on the budget oversight committee, they recommended 15% budgets cuts to help with the cities deficit and they complied. The list goes on and the articles are out there please take the time to look because misinformation hurts residents, not the candidates.

I just can't vote for republicans anymore. And won't. Never again.

She actually not a Republican. She's said it in many public forums and debates. Besides, partisanship in local politics are useless. However, her opponent supports and donates to out of state Republicans, which is weird. Google "Scott September Arizona" he's an anti-LGBTQ Republican whose campaign her opponent supported. It's probably a political favor but it's deceitful either way because claims to be so progressive locally.

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