Swap Meets

Randa Pearson

Re: “Swap Meet to Re-open” [6/19/20]

I wonder if anyone has thought about purchases from the Long Beach Antique Market and So-Cal Cycle Swap Meet, which will resume sales at Veterans Memorial Stadium parking lot.

They rent from the Long Beach Community College District; thus, LBCC itself is closed and does not participate in selling. Both markets will operate under the COVID-19 guidelines. I think about going shopping or using the bathrooms at both “markets” and wonder about the wisdom of doing this.

More important, I wonder if I would be buying items looted/ stolen after vandalizing and ruining business owners. I have a choice to not go and will not take a chance of buying items I saw being stolen ... news videos that not only show stealing and destruction, but total disregard for our/their neighbor’s possessions and the utter disregard for being honest.



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