Tax and Spend

Vance Frederick
Why do Democrats like Chuck Schumer say spending money on infrastructure is a mistake and playing to GOP allies? It seemed like a great idea to them when Obama threw away over a trillion toward the same thing and built nothing but had $10K signs printed up where things were supposed to have been done. 
Also, why are Democrats upset the GOP wants to help the military, which is in shambles after eight years of Dem’s cuts and micromanaging the military into corners all over the world by saying it’s too expensive and then demanding like funds for social programs, which are already far too expensive and causing major budget problems and makes up most of our nearly $20T debt?
If any or all of this makes no sense to you, why vote for Democrats and seek another California Governor with a (D) behind their name? California is the epitome of insanity. Doing the same thing and expecting different results. Tax and spend is not the answer. They’re taking our money and spending it on what they say we want, but are sure it’s what they want. Isn’t it time to take back our money from those who really enjoy spending it for us?


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