Taxed to Oblivion

Vance Frederick

Where’s the $.76 per gallon already taxed on every gallon in California going? Why do voters keep electing politicians from a party that’s taken the Sunshine State and turned it into a welfare state with few jobs, payouts going to illegals instead of our own needy and far too much waste with the highest taxes and worst infrastructure of all the states?

University of California President Janet Napolitano sits on a hidden $175 million while raising tuition and asking for more funding. Governor Brown holds us captive in a FlexAlert state for an electric bullet train costing over $68 billion that literally no one wants, dramatically exceeded all cost estimates and has no ridership possibilities while he bought off legislators to okay the added $.12 gas tax and additional car registration costs of hundreds per vehicle while the last increase did nothing to help transportation and neither will this one.

Science is now convinced climate change will bury us in ocean waves if we don’t do everything to get rid of fossil fuels right away while back in the 1970s those same scientists made documentaries about the coming ice age and narrated by the likes of Leonard Nimoy. So which do we believe or should we listen to any “scientist” who can’t even tell you what the temperature will be tomorrow let alone in 50 to 100 years. There’s no 97 percent of scientists saying this is legitimate. It’s a made up number by politicians wanting to give revenue to buddies wanting alternative energy money. Al Gore has hundreds of millions of dollars and flies around in a large private jet. Not a bad gig. 

It’s time for people to use common sense and real facts like Democrats have run this state for decades and it’s being destroyed by them. Democrats once had the philosophy. “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” That quote was from John F. Kennedy who came from a family with a massive fortune. Those Democrats are dead and gone but similar ideals must return if this great state and nation are to continue. Don’t let Democrats tax us into oblivion. Vote against liberal’s tax and spend agenda.


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