TigerText Scandal

I think the City of Long Beach needs to be audited by the State of California. Thank you, Beachcomber, for your journalistic integrity in this coverage. Week after week, there is constant whitewash over the transparency of this city’s spending, dealings and politicians who do not act as public servants for the taxpayers.

Kristie Mamelli



There is so much corruption in the Long Beach Police Department. The writing was on the wall when they covered up for the drunk and abuser, Jeannine Pearce. I am a long-time resident of Long Beach and I’ve lost all trust in the LBPD. I truly believe that Robert Garcia’s hands are dirty in all of this because his name always seems to pop up whenever there is scandal in City Hall or with the Long Beach Police Department.

Furthermore, I will not support measure BBB. We do not need to see any type of dictatorship in city government. Measure BBB will give the mayor and council members too much power. And don’t let me have to call some of my hard-core activist friends from the Crenshaw district to come help me create scenes in City Hall with our chants, marches and red/black/green flags.

Anonymous [online]


This corruption and good ole boy system has been rampant for years. The Beachcomber has been telling this to us for years but we didn’t listen. Liars like Steve James were running this mafia for many years; he groomed and handpicked Foster as the next Don.

The POA is just a puppet for the chief to use and abuse. Will the POA stand up and issue a vote of no confidence in Chief Luna? No of course not. Instead they will come up with BS reasons that TigerText was used to somehow help the officers.

This mafia needs to be disbanded. West and Luna should by fired and all the brass involved in this should be demoted right down to officer. We need change now, not after some long drawn out investigation to tell us what we already know.

Dean C. [online]


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