Vote Them Out

Democrat politicians have control of California. The results are we have: to wait for hours at the DMV, the highest poverty rate in the nation, 25 percent of the homeless, 37 percent of the welfare recipients, students test scores of mathematics and English-language proficiency near the bottom, schools that are in 49th place in the nation, one of the highest taxed states in the country, the highest amount of illegal immigrants, sanctuary cities and taxpayer paid defense funds for illegals.

Plus thousands of retired public service workers drawing $100,000 or more a year pensions causing us to owe about $769 billion to pension funds, Jerry Brown’s folly, the train to nowhere costing billions of dollars, forced increased tax on gasoline and vehicle registration fees where 72 percent goes into the general fund and other Democrat pet projects and not for the promised road and infrastructure repair, some of the highest rent and house prices in the nation, road diets (lanes for bicyclist) causing traffic problems, etc.

We have a chance to change this insanity in the upcoming election by voting these incompetent politicians out. Let’s do it!

Leo Mitchell


I’m having a difficult time understanding what the Clintons, Pelosi, Booker, Newsome and other Dems have to say about saving “our” America. In what America do average working stiffs pay for everybody’s healthcare, college, a living wage – even if not working – and other socialist ideals? California is already hundreds of billions of dollars in debt with our “balanced budget” from Democrats. They only count what they want to count as debt to make things balanced.

This isn’t our America, it’s Democrat-Socialism and they can get on any plane and take it where ever they want as long as it’s far away from the democratic republic Americans have called home for nearly 250 years.

We believe in equal pay for equal work; hard work is good work; family is most important; raising family properly is important; helping others is important; not accepting layabouts is important; having decent and appropriate borders is important; keeping an eye out for your neighbor is important and ideals such as these that have made our nation the envy of the world are what’s important. Let’s not give it up or give it away to this group that says they have a “better” idea for America.

It isn’t and they don’t care about us or our country. We don’t need to and shouldn’t “fundamentally change America.” They care about power, being elite and brow beating the “little people” who’ve made and continue to make this country great. Stop listening to their garbage and look at the history of this great nation and its pioneer spirit and emulate that and not a bankrupt ideology that has never worked in any form in history. We already have the best. Let’s keep it that way.

Vance Frederick


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