Off-the-Wall Ideas

Vance Frederick


A major problem with Democrats is they are heavy into Bernie Sanders and socialism. It’s been said over and over but apparently not enough “Socialism is great till it runs out of other peoples money.” It is unfortunate especially young people get this grand illusion that socialism will cure the worlds ills. This doesn’t work because those who have to work to keep those that don’t out of being “poor” find it not worth the effort since others are living off their hard labor. So why put in the effort?

It’s similar to those saying we should all get together and love those that hate us. Really? That’s not naive? There’s many people who want to kill anyone who doesn’t agree with them and if necessary die in the process. A hug-in isn’t going to go far with these folks.

There are truths far too many people don’t understand about this world we’ve born into. Socialism has never worked. There are bad people who want to maim, kill and destroy anything they don’t agree with.

Berkley comes to mind as well as ISIS. Time to join reality. Perhaps today’s Democrats just have too much time on their hands after spending other people’s money and come up with these off-the-wall ideas.



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