Weak City Management

Donna Attwood

This is an open letter to Ms. Anna Christensen and to all citizens of Long Beach, particularly to seniors. You, Ms. Christensen, in your [May 8] letter to the editor [Words Matter], addressed an issue regarding COVID-19, which is extremely important.

I can assure you from personal experience that the entire organization of Parks, Recreation and Marine – from the city manager on down – are entirely indifferent to input from the public. They are not above proceeding arrogantly, going so far as to carry out their own personal agenda and pet projects in a surreptitious and clandestine manner.

I and a fellow protester intend to meet at Bixby Park’s southeast corner on Saturday, June 20, 3 p.m. to discuss ways and means for residents of Long Beach to have greater influence in the decision-making process, now and in the future. Please join me; we will be masking and social distancing.



Is coin wasting councilwoman stacey flanagan mungo still spending $1.5 MILLION deficit dollars for unnecessary asinine astro silly soccer unneeded turf? My very spoiled soccer playing grandkids even hate fake turf as much as 5th district residents hate govt waste on fake unimportant projects

Stacey sit still on this!

Instead of $1,500,000 on soccer turf, I suggest more street repairs, help Soccer turf Stacey find them: spray paint a large "O" around the potholes you hit or avert daily. It's your civic duty to help Stacey. Do this in your neighborhood, local streets you travel - everywhere! TELL friends and Keep a handy spray can in your car. Of course, some street will require 100 spray cans such as these: (Clark st., stearns & PCH), ( Wardlow , Palo verde to Norwalk Blvd) (Market st , LB Blvd to Cherry) (Freeman: 7th to anaheim), (cherry : willow to Carson), (carson: cherry to 605), (Clark: carson to del amo)

Add your favorites in this growing list.

Bonus suggestion , before the pothole circling "O", add MUNG
to help Stacey find them, and they'll soon be known as "Mung O's" throughout long beach !

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