White Police Officer

Robin Mathias

I would love to have lunch with the officer who wrote the [6/19/20] article. I have experienced LBPD acting as a gang. I once lived in an area where it was normal to be afraid of the gangs and the police. It’s been almost 15 years and some of those bad police officers are now locked up.

We really need to start taking the mental health of our first responders very seriously. I don’t know what systems are in place but when an officer starts to become jaded; intervention needs to be made. PTSD is real and needs to be screened on a regular basis.

We also have to stop creating laws that allow the criminals to win. I read a Facebook post last week by an officer in a nearby community who had witnessed a man that had been arrested and released three times in one day. Dog catchers have a better retention rate.

If we want better police officers in the future; we need to start pouring into them today. We all need to work together to change how the badge is portrayed and worn. We need to raise up young people who want to join the force and make a change. The truth is I am worried about the officers of today and tomorrow. I hope that we can all bond together and find solutions soon.



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