Do you agree or disagree with the styrofoam ban?

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In this case, we need to address both Measure DDD and Ethics Commission Measure CCC.

Let’s first look at how the proposed Ethics Commission is formed:
A majority of the Ethics Commission members (4 of 7) are selected by City Hall politicians, and these in turn select 3 others. This continues in perpetuity as the Ethics Commission is not self-generating. Every time an ethics commissioner resigns or is let go, City Hall once again gets to pick her or his replacement. Thus, always, City Hall has a hand in the pot. Furthermore, the Ethics Commission has no power to enforce ethics laws or good governance measures.

Then the Ethics Commission, whose lack of independence we've established, picks a majority (9 of 13) of the members of the Reedistricting Commission. Furthermore, if CCC does not pass the selection panel will be appointed by the Mayor.

We feel both the Ethics Commission and the Redistricting Commission ought to be beyond reproach, without even the slightest appearance of impropriety.

As it stands, because of the fatally flawed selection process, neither do.

Vote No on AAA, Vote No on BBB, Vote No on CCC, Vote No on DDD!!!!

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