Do you favor Measure BBB to loosen local term limit requirements?

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8% (12 votes)
90% (129 votes)
1% (2 votes)
Total votes: 143


We already voted 2-term in 1992, and ratified our decision in 2007. This is just another power grabbing move by the mayor and rubber stamping council members.

Even though this has been addressed twice (?) and voted down, they keep bringing it up. It's way past time to return our governance and the choice of whom is doing it back to "we the people". They seem to forget they work for US. Not the other way around. They remain in office to serve US. Public office is just that, and not a career choice. It used to be about giving back. Now it's about "how do I continue to stay on the taxpayers' payroll indefinitely?" and never return to the private sector. I won't vote to reelect my councilperson if for no other reasons than this, the constant rubber stamping and "group think" entitlement attitude they all seem to share.

Mouse, correct on all counts. As I mentioned at the Forum last Thursday at the Petroleum Club, these politicians are using our city as a stepping stone in their political career. I'm nobody's stepping stone.

First off, the write in option is not a loophole. I don't want politicians who need two terms getting themselves oriented. If after eight years you're just starting figure it out, you should probably go. Finally, if this was a sincere attempt to strengthen democracy and not a power grab, the amendment would apply to the next city council and mayor, not the incumbents trying to ride an easier path to a third term. We voted this down before by a 2 to 1 margin, we absolutely should vote it down again.

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