Rate Trump's job performance to date.

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32% (36 votes)
14% (16 votes)
2% (2 votes)
4% (5 votes)
48% (54 votes)
Total votes: 113


Trump hasn't been quite the disaster I feared he might – so far at least he has not started a nuclear war or created another disaster of epic proportions. Some of his appointments and moves to cut regulations and taxes have even been laudatory. However, his anti-immigrant and anti-trade policies, continuation of the unconstitutional "War on Drugs" under the reactionary attorney general Jeff Sessions, further buildup of already bloated military spending, hostility toward the media and free speech, gag-inducing admiration for overseas tyrants, and other proto-fascist behavior, render his overall record as poor as that of other recent White House occupants Obama, Bush, and Clinton.

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